- PA

Dimensions: 17" x 11" x 2.5"

There is a driving passion that compels me to create art: a message within my innermost being that must be released through the joy of creative expression.
As a child, from the moment I could hold a crayon, I would purposely make my own drawings on top of the printed coloring book pages. Today I still insist on making my own marks using conventional and unconventional materials without regard to the opinions of others.

As a student at Tyler School of Art, I began to incorporate material, such as talc, into my paint to give it more volume. Using this, I transformed my paintings into flowing reliefs; my imagination imagery seemed to jump right off my canvas. Years later I began to experiment with combining found objects and paint. It was a true thrill to use my paints as the glue that would bind my new creations together.

My “canvas” is not limited to two dimensions: I paint on everything possible. I revel in turning something that could be viewed as junk into a new and exciting work of art. My inspiration is instantaneous: true wonders and possibilities exist everywhere, if you can adjust your vision from what is - to what could be. I allow my imagination free reign until I see in my mind’s eye something that pleases me and makes me chuckle or even laugh out loud! Then I reverse engineer the piece in my mind until every detail of its creation is planned. I relish using vibrant colors and diverse textures: they help convey the lightheartedness and joy of life that I desire to express through my work. I know a piece is complete when I stand back and view it and the smile I feel inside breaks across my face as I giggle.

I find it satisfying to my soul to take so-called unusable trash and rework it to make imaginative and humorous functional pieces that can be utilized in daily living. The transformation and rebirth process is echoed throughout my very being with each creation.