- Normandy Beach, NJ

Dimensions: 40" x 30" x 2.5"

-DOB: 3/8/1974 -COAST: east
-BOARD OF CHOICE: 6’4” Chanin Single Fin, my fathers board. (picture attached)
-MEDIUMS: Single fin/twin fin/thruster/water/ resin/scribble/sharpie/paint/ink/canvas/wood.

I guess most of my surfing memories don’t start with the “one time I was in the water…” beginning. They mostly begin with the why of how I came to love the sport and try and mold my life around taking a piece of foam and fiberglass to the water everyday that I see humps on the horizon. They mostly start with thoughts of my late father who, a surfer himself, helped me carry my board to the water when my arms couldn’t reach across my 5’ 0” chanin twin fin body. So, here are some more reasons why I am a surfer and why my life and art tend to revolve around the ocean and surfboards… I live in Normandy beach, New Jersey. With my wife and 2 dogs. We have a couple of restaurants that keep us busy, and keep me out of the studio as much as possible. I have a parking lot, and an outside shower for anyone who wants to surf 3 ave in Normandy with me… The piece for this show comes from a futon I found in the garbage, and driftwood that washed up in Normandy within the last two years. That along with a vintage fin and box, make the “some assembly required” part the fun and intriguing part. Thanks. -scott szegeski